Mon - Thurs: 9:00am - 5:00pm | Fri: 9:00am - 4:00pm

73rd Annual Convention (April 19th) – Handouts


Keynote Sessions

“My Disability Roadmap for an Inclusive Life” presented by Dan and Samuel Habib

Legislative Update

Breakout Sessions

#1 “The Programs of The Arc: How Can We Support You” – Mary Dixon, Rocio Perez, Shirley Perez, and Greg Walkington

#2 “Equity in Early Intervention (EI): An Innovative Approach” – Zareen Kamal and Alison Liddle

#3 “What Adults with IDD say about Sibling Support” – Katie Arnold

#4 “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Envision Unlimited’s Neighbors Program – Susan Gardner, Kristen Noonan, Adam Rapacz, and Josh Vanwyk

#5 “Descripción General del Seguro Social por Discapacidad Social y la Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario” – Josephine Mueller and Megan Forristall

#6 “The Faces of Financial Wellness” – Tyson Bedford, William Bedford, Kimberly Johnson, Caroline O’Hara, and Kish Pisani

#7 “Rethinking Health Promotion: Virtual Coach HealthMatters Program” – Beth Marks and Jasmina Sisirak

#8 “Overview of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Income” – Megan Forristall

#9 “Systems Advocacy and the Legislative Process” – Carole Rosen and Sabrina Wyman

#10 “Panel de Padres y Hermanos” – Angélica Dávila, Amalia Montoya, Luis Ovalle, Miguel Saucedo

#11 “Housing: Innovative Solutions for People with Developmental Disabilities” – Ron Clewer, Carole Rosen, Adam Wiser, and Kim Zoeller

#12 “Special Need Trusts, ABLE Accounts, Letters of Intent, and Related Topics” – Brian Rubin, Benji Rubin

#13 “Reimagining the IEP and Transition Process Without Intellectual Bias” – Diane Compton, Erin Compton, and Susan Hoekstra

#14 “Exploring Family Experience in Developmental Disabilities Supports” – Megan Mutti

#15 “Superando desafíos: recursos para ayudar a las familias a abogar” – Alejandra Griffet, Sarah Isaacs, Maria Esther Rodriguez, and Jill Tompkins