Mon - Thurs: 9:00am - 5:00pm | Fri: 9:00am - 4:00pm

73rd Annual Convention (April 20th) – Handouts


Keynote Sessions

“Federal Policy and Individual Advocacy – A Place for All” presented by Marty Ford

Update from the Division of Developmental Disabilities presented by Interim Director Sarah Myerscough-Mueller

Breakout Sessions

#16 “Division of Specialized Care (DSCC) and Family Advisory Council” – Claire cook, Haley Phelps, and Erica Stearns

#17 “Our Journey through the Pandemic – Stories of Home and Survival” – Sunita Patel, Benji Rubin, Theresa Versaci, and Lea Whitney

#18 “Financial Wellness: Credit Matters & Protecting Your Identity” – Natasha Croff, Kimberly Johnson and Jada Thompson

#19 “Answers to Transition Questions and PUNS Benefits & Resources” – Suzanne Aaron, Ruth Aguilar, and Tiffany Steinhauser

#20 “Qué Hay en el Futuro de su Hijo” – Jose Ovalle, Matie Ovalle, and Rocio Perez

#21 “Ligas Consent Decree Update” – Ronnie Cohn and Barry Taylor

#22 “Housing For You! The IL Statewide Referral Network” – Stephanie Sideman

#23 “Let’s Learn About Supported Decision-Making” – Diane Compton, Erin Compton, and Teresa Parks

#24 ” Expectations vs Reality: Reimagining and Redefining ‘Quality of Life’ (Caregiver Panel)” – Ruth Aguilar, Erica Stearns, and Greg Walkington

#25 “Toma de Decisiones con Apoyo” – Maria Castillo and Consuelo Puente

#26 “Overview of HSP Assessment & Home Services Program Waivers” – Nisha Baiju and Macey Jones

#27 “Alternatives, One Size Does NOT Fit All: Supported Decision Making (new Illinois law), Powers of Attorney, and Guardianship (Plenary and Limited)” – Brian Rubin and Benji Rubin

#28 ” Social, Civic, and Political Participation Using Technology” – Kim Fisher, Tia Nelis, Amie Lulinski, and Carole Rosen

#29 “Creating Trauma-Informed Environments at Home” – Susan Kahan

#30 “Como Entender y Ayudar a Personas con Autismo que Tienen Problemas de Conducta” – Dr. Cesar Ochoa-Lubinoff