Direct Support Staff Wage Initiative Activities for Next Week
May 14 – The lobby day in the Capitol.  Many Coalition members are sending staff to discuss support for the Wage Initiative Senate Bill 1413 with their Senators and Representatives. See talking points below. I encourage your organization to participate in this lobby day. This is not a rally.
May 15 – The Senate Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on the Direct Support Staff Wage Initiative SB 1413 at 10:00 a.m. Senator Toi Hutchinson is the lead Sponsor of SB 1413.

Senator Hutchinson

The House Human Services will also hold a hearing on the Direct Support Staff Initiaitve at 2:00 p.m. or when the House adjourns.  Representative Robyn Gable is the lead for this initiative.

Rep Gable
Both committees will hear testimony specific to our needs and issues.  Presently, the line-up includes Direct Support Staff, Families and organizations.
Although we really would like to have Direct Support Staff and Families be front and center, your written testimony and presence would be fantastic!

  1. Ask your Senator to become a co-sponsor of SB 1413.
  2. Ask your Representative to support the Direct Support Staff Wage Intitiative.


  1. A stable workforce in the community ensures a better quality of life for people in community services.
  2. Direct support staff have not had a wage increase in six years.
  3. Most direct support staff are working below the poverty wage level of $11.32 for a family of four. This is not a living wage.

Home health workers who perform similar duties currently earn $11.55 per hour.


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