Please respond by writing your letter to your local papers. Also share this Action
Alert with other advocates.


Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner recently toured Murray Center and
attended a Murray Parents Association fundraiser in Centralia.  He promised to
keep the facility open if he wins the Governor’s election this November.  Rauner
was quoted as saying, “Right now, Murray Center is the best options for these

Unfortunately, the threat of keeping people with disabilities institutionalized has
become an election issue so we must continue to educate policy makers on why
people with disabilities should have the opportunity to live life in a community of
choice! This should be about people not politics.


Write a letter to your editor in response to Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce
Rauner’s pledge to keep people with disabilities institutionalized and in support of
community integration.  We need to A LOT of letters that offer a broad perspective
from self-advocates, guardians, research analysts, industry experts, medical
professionals and community leaders.   Please make your letters personal and
explain how this issue impacts you and why it’s important to you and your

Here is the link to the Capwiz alert:

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