Another bad bill has been introduced to stop rebalancing the disability system. It is House Bill 4809 and it has been assigned to the State Government Committee. See the members of that committee below. If you click on to their names, their Springfield contact information will come up. Call them now!.It is also time to call your Representative in the House with the same message. Pass this alert on to other advocates.

Our message: “Oppose House Bill 4809. Everyone deserves a full life in the community.”

If you do not know your legislator or their contact information, go to this link for State Board of Elections:


State Government Administration Committee – Members
97th General Assembly

Members Notice of Hearing Bills  
Role Representative Party
Chairperson : Jack D. Franks D
Vice-Chairperson : Lisa M. Dugan D
Republican Spokesperson : Randy Ramey, Jr. R
Member: Edward J. Acevedo D
Member: Jason Barickman R
Member: Adam Brown R
Member: Monique D. Davis D
Member: Kenneth Dunkin D
Member: Keith Farnham D
Member: David Harris R
Member: Chad Hays R
Member: Sidney H. Mathias R
Member: Emily McAsey D
Member: Donald L. Moffitt R
Member: Michelle Mussman D
Member: Robert W. Pritchard R
Member: Carol A. Sente D
Member: Derrick Smith D 

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