Your State Senators and Representatives are now in their home offices. This is the
time you and other advocates should meet with your elected officials and ask them to
support increased wages for Direct Support Professionals.

I have developed for you talking points below.

Also there is a list of current co-sponsors.

Don’t know who your elected representatives are? Go to this link and enter your zip:

Let me know if you have any questions. We would like to have many sponsors of this
important legislation before they return to Springfield in January.



There are now two bills in the General Assembly supporting increasing Direct Support
Professionals wages.

The objective of the Care Campaign is to increase wages to $13.00 per hour.

The average wage of Direct Support Professionals in Illinois is 9.35 per hour.

You need to ask your Senator and Representative to become co-sponsors
and support this important legislation.

House Bill 3698 was introduced by Representative Robyn Gabel.

“Ask your Representative to become a co-sponsor of House Bill 3698.”

Senate Bill 2604 was introduced by Senator Heather Steans.

Ask your Senator to become a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 2604.”

Talking Points with Legislators:

1.     Please become a co-sponsor of HB 3698 or SB 2604
2.     Direct Support Professionals support vulnerable individuals with
intellectual and other developmental disabilities in the community.
3.     The average wage of a Direct Care Professional in Illinois is $9.35
per hour.
4.     Help us to raise the Direct Care Professionals wages by supporting
this legislation.

Report your meeting with legislators to:

Current Co-Sponsors:

House Bill 3698

Rep Fine
Rep Walsh, Jr.
Rep Welch

Senate Bill 2604

Senator Biss
Senator Hunter
Senator Morrison

The Care Campaign is a coalition of State Associations, Service Providers, Direct Care
Professionals, Families, Self Advocates and the Union. The goal of Care Campaign is
to increase average hourly wages for Direct Service Professionals over a three year
period. Last year, you will recall we introduced legislation to increase wages and held
Senate Hearing on that increase for Direct Service Professionals.

Go to the Care Campaign and visit their website. Like the Care Campaign on Facebook
and Twitter so you will be up to date on the Campaign.

The Arc’s Position on Direct Service Professionals.

Rebalancing the Disability System will continue, people will move off the PUNS Waiting
List and Murray Developmental Center will close. We need to increases wages for Direct
Support Professionals to support these important initiatives here in Illinois. The Care
Campaign takes us there, “Caring for those who care.”

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Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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