This week Tuesday & Wednesday, advocates will be connecting with legislators in the Capitol to increase wages for Direct Care Support Staff.
Below are the legislators in the House & Senate Appropriations who will be holding hearings on Director Care Support Staff Wages with links to their websites so you can communicate with them. Your message:
“Support Senate Bill 1413 to include an increase for community disability employees in the budget.”
The Arc views this as a quality of life issue for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Children and adults who require support should be able to depend upon a stable and competent workforce to attend to their needs.
1.     In Illinois, a recent IARF Survey indicates that the average wage paid to direct support staff is $9.35 per hour. See Fact Sheet on Wages.
2.     The 2013 State of the States in Developmental Disabilities found the mean hourly wage for direct support staff to be $10.14 with 2009 data. See Hourly Wages 2011 graph.
3.     Turnover of first year direct support staff is estimated at 70% in community programs. See flyer to leave with legislators.
4.     A Powers and Powers (2010) study estimated that a 24-31% increase in annual wages for caregivers would cut turnover rate by one-third.
5.     The Dept of Labor states that direct care occupations are projected to be the second largest occupational group in the U.S. by 2018 reaching 4.3 million and exceeding the number of teachers, nurses and law enforcement professionals.
The Care Campaign is recommending a three year initiative to increase in direct support wages to get us to and average wage of $13.00.
The Care Campaign has created a website for up to date information on the Campaign:
The Arc strongly supports the Care Campaign. See The Arc’s Position on Direct Care Professionals.Human Services – House
Robyn Gabel
Derrick Smith
JoAnn Osmond
John Cabello
Kelly Cassidy
Tom Demmer
Laura Fine
Mary Flowers
Norine Hammond
Kay Hatcher
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Deborah Mell
Michelle Mussman
Timothy Schmitz
Cynthia Soto

Human Services – Senate
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William Delgado
Napoleon Harris, III
Julie Morrison
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Dan Duffy
Dave Syverson

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