We will have to look in to this benefit for people with intellectual and developmental
disabilities. My friend Michael Baily is quoted in this story from The Oregonian.



Affordable Care Act benefits soar for Oregonians with developmental
disabilities, potentially costing state millions

By Yuxing Zheng | yzheng@oregonian.com

on August 15, 2014

Eden Braman, 7, is an escape artist.

The soon-to-be second-grader once wedged herself through an 8-inch gap in the
backyard fence of her St. Helens home and was found in an adjacent field.

Her mother, Emily Braman, has outfitted their home with motion detectors and
alarms. Still, her daughter, who has Down syndrome, needs constant supervision.

Eden was eligible for about $3,400 a year in state funding to cover services, such
as 20 hours a month with an in-home caregiver. But it wasn’t enough. Braman, a
professional guardian and single mother to Eden and 8-year-old, Leah, pleaded
with officials for more help but was turned away

Emily Braman’s 7-year-old daughter, Eden, has Down syndrome and
qualifies for about $70,000 in services under a new provision of the
Affordable Care Act.

Eden likes to escape and “go on adventures,” Braman said, and requires constant
supervision. As a result, Eden often must stay inside while her mother cooks or
does laundry, especially if her 8-year-old sister, Leah, isn’t around.Photo courtesy
of Emily Braman

That all changed this year, when Eden became eligible for about $70,000 a year
in services, or at least 100 hours of care each month.

“It has been a wonderful blessing,” Braman said. “It’s eased some of my stresses,
made the quality of our family life better and reduced some of my stresses so I can
be a better mom.”
But while some families are rejoicing, others worry that a change in how services
are calculated and funded could cost the state millions of dollars.

Under a provision of the Affordable Care Act, many of the 9,000 Oregonians with
developmental disabilities who live at home are now eligible for three times or more
in the amount of money to cover services – or tens of thousands of dollars each.


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