My goodness, just following these proceedings is a full time job!

Thanks for your quick response to Barry Taylor’s and the Ligas attorneys request for data
on what payments the state has made in regard to Judge Coleman’s Order. What you
shared with me indicated that many payments for CILA, ICF/DD’s, day services and home-
based services have yet to be paid.

From the their report to the Judge, “Plaintiffs and Intervenors have shown that the State
could have complied with its obligations under the Decree and this Court’s Orders. It had
sufficient resources to do so and it prioritized other payments not subject to federal court
orders over the payments required in this matter. Further, the State has failed to show
that it is unable to comply with the Decree and this Court’s Orders going forward.”

“Plaintiffs and Intervenors do not now advocate a finding of contempt. Our goal simply is
to make sure that the payments required by the Decree and this Court’s Orders are made…”


The attorneys are back in court today, Tuesday.

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