Two homicides and now sexual abuse at the Murray Developmental Center! It is time to close state institutions in Illinois. They cannot be fixed. They are obsolete.

  • We spend $700.00 per day to keep someone confined at Murray!
  • We spend $428 million for seven fully operational state institutions!

People live safer, healthier and happier lives in the community close to family and friends.

It is time to close Murray and five other state institutions.

CENTRALIA — Another investigation has been launched involving the Warren G. Murray Developmental Center in Centralia, this time regarding photos allegedly taken of a Murray resident in his underwear and shared on social media.

[isp] In the interests of transparency, it should be noted that Withers Broadcasting was sent digital copies of the photos in question from a concerned citizen.

We immediately notified the Department of Human Services, which had become aware of the photos and had notified the OIG to launch an investigation.

The employee reportedly took the photos of the resident and sent them to another person. It is the other person, who is not believed to be an employee of Murray or the state, that reportedly posted the photos for a short time on social media.

It is unclear what the employee’s work status is with Murray, or with the State at this time.

According to a statement from IDHS spokeswoman Veronica Vera, the photos have been pulled and the incident reported to the OIG, Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Public Health, all of whom are conducting investigations.

Vera says IDHS will cooperate in every way with those ongoing investigations.

AFSCME, the union representing Mental Health Techs at the Murray Center, said they do not comment on matters of member discipline. Union spokesman Eddie Caumiant said he was unaware of the situation.

This is the third investigation this year into incidents at the Murray Center. One investigation led to a homicide ruling on the death of a resident, while another led to a homicide ruling on the death of an employee.

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