In an effort to raise Direct Support Professional wages by a $1.00 per hour in the new state
budget, the Care Campaign is hosting visits to the Capitol from now until the end of the
Legislative Session. In that regard, each of the state associations is focusing upon bringing
advocates to the Capitol to meet with legislators.


The Arc is responsible for May 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Our two main objectives are:

  1. To increase the visibility of the Care Campaign in the Capitol and visit with local
    legislators in support of the $1.00 per hour.
  2. To get more legislators to become Co-Sponsors for House Bill 3698 and Senate Bill

Let me know what day you can help our efforts.

This is How YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION can Help…

Recruit and send a team of advocates to the Capitol on one of these dates: May 20th, 21st
or 22nd. The team should consist of a team leader, a direct support professional, a person
with a disability and a family member. Plan on being in the Capitol by 10:00 a.m. or sooner.

A member of The Arc will be in the Capitol to assist you once you arrive.

Next steps…

Identify your Illinois State Senator and Representative by clicking on this link.

Call your State Representative in the Capitol for an appointment. You want to talk to them
about  HB 3698

Call your Illinois State Senator in the Capitol for an appointment. You want to talk to them
about SB 2604

This is way easy….. just say:

“I would like to meet with Representative or Senator X,  My name is _________. I live
in __________. I have a son (or daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle) who has
significant disabilities. Your support is very important to his (her) future. Direct Support
Professionals have not had a raise in six years. On average, they are paid 21% below
the poverty level. We would like to talk to him/her about  SB 2604 (or HB 3698).”

Here is a flyer with some good talking points on the Care Campaign: Care Campaign Flyer

IF they are a co-sponsor already, meet with them anyway. THANK THEM for their support.
They will be asked to prioritize their support many times before the end of the May. They
need to be telling their party leaders that this IS a high priority.

Help us by forwarding this e-mail your networks of advocates in your community. Follow
up personally with at least 10 other advocates you know will follow through. Remember,
our legislators think 10 contacts are a landslide.

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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