This morning in the Capitol, the Commission on Government Forecasting & Accountability did not support the closing of Mabley. The vote was 3 supporting closure Elaine Nedritz, Donne Trotter and Michael Frerichs and 8 voting to keep Mabley open including Jeffrey Schoenberg, Patti Bellock, Matt Murphy, Suzi Schmidt, Dave Syverson, Raymond Poe, Al Riley and Mike Tryon.

Most of the legislators not supporting closure commented that they could not support the agressive timeframe for closing Mabley and the thought that only one institution should be closed at a time.

The vote to close Jacksonville will come in the next few weeks.

Remember the COGFA vote is only advisory to the Governor.

We will continue to support the closing of Mabley and Jacksonville.

Thank you for your calls yesterday, legislators commented they received many!