The Division of Developmental Disabilities ask me to share this bulletin iwth you. The
implications of this ruling will have an impact on how we support people in the


We will be posting the attached Information Bulletin on Tuesday.

Due to recent Supreme Court action, the overtime rule impacting Personal Support
Workers (PSWs) in the Home-Based Support Services (HBS) Program will go into
effect on October 13, 2015. The Department is forgoing a draft comment period in
order to issue the Bulletin as final and inform stakeholders of the necessary action
steps due to the tight implementation date.  We will, however, accept comments,
make needed modifications to the Bulletin, and reissue it if needed.  Please submit
any comments to

In addition, if you become aware this new rule has a negative impact on service
delivery in general, please inform us of those concerns.

There are multiple topics addressed by the federal rule.  This Bulletin speaks only to
the impact on the HBS Program and the PSWs.  The two Fiscal Employer Agencies
have continued to work with PSWs and families during this time of uncertainty with
the Court actions to collect needed information.  A similar Bulletin was originally
issued in October of 2014 as draft and finalized, but was later rescinded when a
lower Court held implementation.

If you have questions or concerns about the content in the Bulletin, please let us
know.  We appreciate your assistance in exchanging helpful information as
individuals, families, PSWs, and Service Facilitators make any needed adjustments
to address the new requirements  Thank you.

Reta Hoskin

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