Leaders in The Arc:  

Phil Milsk represented The Arc on the CSA Workgroup. I just discovered that this information has not been sent to you by DHS!

Let me know your thoughts.

Tony Paulauski
The Arc of Illinois

Dear CSA Workgroup:

Thank you all again for partnering with us to get the last 8 months of the FY’12 contract out. We have sent it to MIS and they are working feverishly to get it uploaded. We will send you and your fellow providers an email when it will be ready to download. It will be as an amendment but since a lot of changes were made, the amendment is almost as long as what providers would have received at the beginning of the fiscal year, but please don’t worry—it is the last version of the CSA that you have all viewed.

Finally as part of this email, please see the attached letter from myself explaining (a bit) about the Indirect Cost Rate Proposal packet. Based on the conversations regarding the detail budget form, we will allow providers to fill out this packet rather than the long form budget. But please note, a summary budget should have already been filled out as well.

The Indirect Cost Proposal Information has been posted to the internet:

Thank you again for your partnership and patience.

Talk to you soon,


Grace Hong Duffin
Chief of Staff
Illinois Department of Human Services
401 S. Clinton, 7th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60607
O: 312/793.1547
F: 312/793.2902