The Arc had a very exciting and productive day in the Capitol yesterday. We hosted a
Legislative Coffee with the Going Home Coalition in the morning. About 35 Senators and
Representatives attended the coffee to talk about employment and community living.
Needless to say we were extremely pleased with the size of the turnout of legislators and
their commitment to restore funding to important community and human service cuts in
the proposed budget.

Gary Arnold, Susan Aarup & House Disability Services Chair Rep Michelle

John Porter & Rep Patti Bellock, Republican Spokesperson Appropriations Human

Tony, Deputy Majority Leader Rep Lou Lang & Rep Michael McAuliffe

Director Romano, Katherine, Tony, Reps Kifowit & McAuliffe

After the Legislative Coffee a small group of Coalition members including Bridget Brown,
Katherine Hamann, Kim Morreale and Tony met with Governor Rauner’s Policy Advisor
on Health & Human Services Jennifer Hammer. It was a very productive meeting which
focused on employment, community integration and managed care.


Thanks to Shirley Perez, Elizabeth Hailey-Smith and her daughter one of many families
supported by the Family Support Network, a program funded through the Arc of Illinois
Life Span grant had the following news story about cuts to respite care on ABC 7 on
the 10:00 clock news Wednesday night.

Elizabeth Hailey-Smith, whose daughter is developmentally-disabled, has a message for
Gov. Rauner.

“Think about what if this was your child, what if this was your sister who you decided you
wanted to cut funding from?” said Hailey-Smith.

Hailey-Smith says state-funded programs that are now on the chopping block have
helped 40-year-old Tamara get care and learn life skills.

“The funding that the state is currently providing for her is giving her the opportunity to
stay in the community, stay in her home, learn to be independent as much as she
possibly can,” Hailey-Smith said.

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