This is a great day for disability advocates.


Executive Order Implementing Employment First in Illinois

WHEREAS, the Illinois Employment First Act (20 ILCS 40 et. seq) requires that State
agencies follow and implement the State’s policy of competitive and integrated
employment as the first option when serving persons with disabilities of working age,
regardless of level of disability, (the “Employment First Policy”); and

WHEREAS, the Employment First Policy applies to State-funded and/or operated
programs and services that provide supports to help persons with disabilities obtain
private employment; and

WHEREAS, the Illinois Employment First Act requires all State agencies that provide
such services to follow the Employment First Policy and ensure that it is effectively
implemented in their programs/services; and

WHEREAS, access to education and training opportunities that lead to gainful
employment in demand occupations within the business community is key to
economic and community progress; and

WHEREAS, the Employment First Policy will support individuals with disabilities
who have the right and deserve the opportunity to make informed decisions about
where they work and to obtain community integrated and competitive employment
with appropriate integrated and collaborative supports to pursue better earnings,
benefits, health status and quality of life; and


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