Thank you for asking your Senators to oppose Senate Bill 3564 these past few weeks. It is one of many bills that would make it impossible to close a state institution. This bill failed to pass in the Senate this afternoon 29 – 23. The bill failed to pass by one vote. You want your Senator to vote no. . Here is the link to view how your Senator voted: The alert I sent to you today HB 1157 is very much alive and will probably see a vote soon so keep up your calls to your Senator to oppose HB 1157!

Thanks for now but you need to be ready for action again.


Ill. Senate rejects limits on closing facilities

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois Senate has rejected a proposal to limit the governor’s power to close prisons and other state facilities.

The bill would have required legislative approval before a governor could shut down facilities. It’s a response to Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to cut spending by closing prisons, halfway houses and mental institutions.

Wednesday’s vote was 29-23, but it needed 30 votes to pass.

Supporters say Quinn the Legislature should have a bigger role in decisions that can mean economic ruin for workers and communities.

But opponents say it would be a mistake to tie the governor’s hands when the state budget is in crisis.

The bill is SB3564.


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