Some interesting developments came up in the discussion around Self-Directed Services
in the Services & Supports Work Group.

First, it was clarified that family members can continue to be personal support workers.
There is no change in that hiring policy. What does need clarification is can a guardian to
the legal representative be a personal support worker.

Another development was how Home-Based Services are paid. This may change
regardless of the status of the 1115 Waiver because of the new CMS Rules on Community.
Right now Home-Based Services are provided based upon a standard rate that all eligible
individuals receive. It is being recommended that the Division of Developmental Disabilities
will change from the standard rate to a service cost maximum established by a Uniform
Assessment Tool. This could be a serious problem for the individuals in the Home-Based
Services Program and needs further discussion. Remember, Home-Based Services was
established in state law. More to come.

Our team was all over the state Wednesday Work Group meetings, Supported Housing
Forum and the legislative session.

Nothing much brewing in the Capitol during the beginning of the Override Session but
there is some talk about changing the minimum wage.

Friday, the Conflict Free Work Group will meet to discuss person-centered planning
recommendations and conflict-free case management recommendations.

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