I enjoyed Randy’s Op Ed in the Huffington Post.


Is Disability Finally Having its Moment?

By Randy Rutta President and CEO of Easter Seals

The pulse and pace of disability is being featured more prominently in the public discourse, and more than ever before. Could this be the moment people in the disability community have fought for?

Last year, you’d be pressed to find an accurate portrayal of children and adults with a disability in scripted television. Today, the sitcom Speechless, about a “new” kind of family and starring an actor who really has a disability, is one of the most promising shows in the Fall TV lineup. And A&E’s Born This Way, that chronicle’s the lives of young adults with Down syndrome, received the Emmy for best unscripted reality television series.

During the 2012 election cycle, disability was largely absent from the political dialogue. This year, Anastasia Somoza, a woman living with a disability, headlined the Democratic convention.


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