Barry Taylor, Class Counsel for the Ligas Consent Decree objects to the Court
Monitor’s Third Annual Report. Taylor asked the Court Monitor to reconsider the
findings and find the state out of compliance.

The following letter was sent to the Court Monitor last Thursday.

Dear Tony:

Pursuant to Paragraph 35 of the Ligas v. Hamos Consent Decree, Class Counsel
sends this letter to formally object to your September 30, 2014 Annual Report in
which you made “no findings of non-compliance.” (Monitor Report, pp. 2-3)
Specifically, Class Counsel objects to your conclusion that the State is meeting its
requirements with respect to Transition Service Plans in the areas of Class
Member participation, integrated services, and person-centered planning, including
employment opportunities. Pursuant to the plain language of the Consent Decree,
as well as the Compliance Evaluation Standards you adopted, the factual findings
of your Report lead inescapably to the conclusion that the State is indeed out of
compliance with the Consent Decree. We ask that you amend your Report to
make its conclusions consistent with its factual findings.


Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
20901 S. LaGrange Rd. Suite 209
Frankfort, IL 60423
815-464-1832 (OFFICE)
815-464-1832 (CELL)