These are the Disability Bills that have been filed that we are following and our position.




SB 2137 (Morrison)  Special Ed  IEP Review/Service Animal

SB 2251 (Manar)  Personal Needs Allowance to $60 for ID/DD, CILA, MC/DD (Mike Bibo bill) SUPPORT

SB 2262 (Morrison) Personal Needs Allowance  to no less than 15% of last year’s SSI amount for HCBS or Medicaid. (IARF Bill)–SUPPORT

SB 2268 (Bennett) ABLE Act Clean-up– SUPPORT

SB 2446 (Rose) Direct care staff administration of meds in residential and day programs—SUPPORT?

SB 2610 (Mulroe) DD Licensure Scheme for Campus Settings—OPPOSE

SB 2952 (Steans) DSP Wage Increase–SUPPORT

SB 2967 (Biss) Procurement/No Bid for Qualified Non-profit serving PWDs if it offers employment in a competitive integrated setting.—UNDER REVIEW

SB 3069 (T.Cullerton) Ligas Codification–SUPPORT

SB 3106 (Morrison) Criminal Code changes for hearsay testimony–OPPOSE

SB 3281 (Hutchinson) LIHEAP Continuing  Appropriations–SUPPORT

SB 3376 (Harmon) Protects special education payments to Districts–SUPPORT


HB 4351 (G. Harris) DON Assessment bill–SUPPORT

HB 4352 (Bellock) School Code/Definition of Dyslexia—NO POSITION

HB 4461 (Cassidy) Personal Needs Allowance no less than 15% SSI (same as SB 2262?) SUPPORT

HB 4508 (G. Harris) CILA Residents/Advocacy/State Ombudsperson–OPPOSE

HB 4569 (D. Harris) Guardian of the person of disabled adult:  Rights of wards—UNDER REVIEW

HB 4678 (K. Burke) ABLE Act Cleanup– SUPPORT

HB 5642 (Bellock) DCFS Investigations/Children with Disabilities—SUPPORT?

HB 5643 (Bellock) DCFS Task Force re abused and neglected children with disabilities—SUPPORT?

HB 5762 (Harper) Home Services:  $15/hour wage for PAs, in-person orientation.—SUPPORT

HB 5797 (Meier) CILA Act-Unannounced and announced site visits–REVIEWING

HB 5798 (Meier) CILA Act-Facilities must notify DHS of emergency calls made  from facility.–REVIEWING

HB 5931 (Gabel) DSP Wage Increase–SUPPORT

HB 6086 (Kifowit) PUNS: Prioritization of kids registered prior to 17th birthday.–REVIEWING

HB 6304 (Durkin) DD License Campus Setting–OPPOSE

HB  6333 (Gabel) Asthma Action Plan–SUPPORT
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