News you need to know!

As you may be aware the State is in the process of reviewing how services are
provided by Independent Service Coordination agencies.   This is occurring
through the “Life Choices Project.”   Input from families is a critical part of
this process!

How can You help?

Please send an email to  answering the
following question:

“What matters to you most about your service coordination?”

Listed below are a few examples of things that families may consider.
Please note that we want to hear
your thought/concerns:

  • flexible and more individualized support and services
  • quick response to concerns
  • conflict-free assistance, choices and independence for consumers
  • accountability

Please reply by July 27, 2014. Your responses will be consolidated and
submitted to the Quality/Monitoring committee for the Life Choices Project.

Here is a little back ground:
Life Choices Project Purpose:
The intention of the Life Choices Project is to build upon the existing system in a
manner which enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the six key functions
within the DD system. These functions include:

  1. Intake and DD eligibility determination
  2. Prioritization of the Urgent Needs for Services (PUNS)/Waiting List
  3. Waiver Eligibility and Enrollment
  4. Individual Profile Development
  5. Service and Provider Selection
  6. Service Monitoring

What’s This All About?

Governor Quinn indicated his desire to increase opportunities for community
options and improve quality of life for all individuals with developmental disabilities.
It is our desire to align all of the major steps in our system so that people with
developmental disabilities and their family members experience a smooth and easy
to understand process for entering and accessing services.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) recognizes the need to grow our
community’s capacity to provide supports; people are transitioning from State
Operated Developmental Centers (SODCs) and Intermediate Care Facilities/
Developmental Disability (ICF/DD) settings, and the ability to serve everyone well
requires efficiency in all parts of the system. This initiative will streamline practices
and create consistency in developmental disability system processes across the

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