I talked to Barry Taylor from Equip for Equality about the Joint Motion filed by the Plaintiffs and the Interveners in court yesterday. The filing is a result of the letter the Dept. of Human Services sent providers and I sent you about only being able to fund Ligas Class member’s services because of the lack of a state budget. It is interesting to note that the new Court Monitor also filed an affidavit for this Joint Motion.

This is certainly good news for the Disability System and Ligas Class Members and non-Class Members. As it stands now, the State is being governed by the Courts!

This Joint Motion will be heard in Court on Tuesday and blends very well with the Judge’s ruling on Wednesday saying the State must provide services to all Medicaid recipients.

From the Joint Motion, “The State and the Comptroller must comply with the Consent Decree and the Agreed Order…Whatever the State’s current financial predicament, the Consent Decree contemplated this exact scenario and expressly provides that the State cannot use it as basis for stopping necessary payments.”

The motion goes on, “The Defendants (the State) have failed to demonstrate a plan to appropriately provide required services to Class Members and other Decree beneficiaries without paying for non-Class Members services rendered by the providers…request this Court to direct the Comptroller to make all Medicaid payments to providers of developmental disability services who serve Class Members and non-Class Member beneficiaries according to the terms of the Consent Decree…

Read the Joint Motion filed by the Plaintiffs and Interveners.

The Arc appreciates the Plaintiffs and Interveners action on the behalf of people with disabilities during these difficult times and we hope the Court will rule on their behalf.

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