Tony Records has filed with the court the First Annual Report of the Monitor in Ligas v. Hamos.
The report is in five sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Activities of the Monitor
  3. Overall Activities of Defendants and Parties
  4. Compliance Requirements and Activities
  5. Overall Comments and Possible Roadblocks to Compliance

The report states, “In addition …, there are numerous structural, procedural and cultural changes that have taken place over the past 15 months. In many ways, implementation of compliance related activities has exposed significant flaws in the service delivery system for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Some of these flaws have been addressed and many, if not most, still linger. Some of the compliance concerns articulated in this report are not because of lack of effort of the defendants but rather due to longstanding systemic and resources problems, that have yet to be resolved.”
Tony Records will be the featured guest speaker at the November 7th Executive Forum.


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