For the second year in a row, the Ligas Court Monitor has found the state in noncompliance with the Ligas Consent Decree on quality services and DSP staffing crisis.

Quality of services/supports now becomes a new and important area of concern in this report.

From the 5th Annual Report

“DHS has not provided to the Monitor, Plaintiffs or Intervenors, or within the 2016 Implementation Plan Revisions, any indication of how the agency will be addressing the shortage of DSPs due to inadequate wages.”

“As was the case in January, 2016 and based upon all of the material included in this section, most significantly the escalating impact of the crises upon the quality of services provided to those protected by the Consent Decree, the Monitor once again finds noncompliance with this compliance standard. The Monitor has informed the Parties and Intervenors of the likelihood of this finding.”


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