A brief hearing today in federal court. Attorneys for Ligas and non-class members
presented an motion late yesterday afternoon that the state’s attorneys did not have
time to react to. I shared that motion with you early this morning.

Payments to providers not already paid for July and August should be paid soon.

Judge Coleman is dismissing holding the state in contempt. It is clear to her that the
state is attempting to comply in good faith. She is certain that if that changes, the
parties will be back in court for a motion on contempt.

The Judge expects the state’s compliance with her Court Order.

It is important to the Judge that:

  1. Payments to providers for services continue in a timely manner approximating
    fiscal year 2015.
  2. That the Court Monitor will have a role in the new order to monitor compliance
    with payments.
  3. That the expedited payment process continues. For some reason unknown to
    the State’s Attorneys, some providers received letters that the expedited
    payment system was being suspended.

Hopefully, the Ligas Attorneys and the State’s Attorneys can agree upon a single
order what I sent you this morning) in the next day or two.

With that in mind, the next status hearing in court is scheduled for October 16th.

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