The hearing to close state institutions are scheduled to take place soon. The hearing for the closing of Mabley in Dixon is set for Monday and the hearing for Jacksonville is the Monday after that. As you might expect there is much opposition to closing these two state institutions.We need to generate letters to the editor supporting closing on Mabley and Jacksonville.Here is a letter to the editor from Bill Gorman in the Daily Herald!

State should reduce institutional living

Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed the closure of Mabley and Jacksonville Developmental Centers based on fiscal reasons. There are times when a fiscal crisis can provide an opportunity to do the right thing and also save money. This is one of them. The Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois supports the closure of Mabley and Jacksonville Developmental Centers.

Illinois institutionalizes more people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities than 48 other states with our eight state developmental centers.

Numerous national studies indicate that the vast majority of parents feel their loved ones are safer, healthier and have a higher quality of life in the community rather than in an institution. We understand the fears of parents who have a loved one residing at Mabley (in Dixon) and Jacksonville; however, with adequate transition funding, services can be provided in the community to meet their needs. There is a reason that 14 states have closed all of their state institutions and this is not based on programmatic or quality of life considerations alone. It also happens to be true that community services, in general, are also more cost effective than institutional services.

The average cost of an Illinois state institution is $181,700 per person per year while the average Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) cost is $52,454. We can no longer justify, fiscally or programmatically, the continued operations of Mabley and Jacksonville.

William L. Gorman

Executive director

Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois



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