We should learn more about the $2.7 billion in cuts to Medicaid for health care today but here are some areas of possible cuts that have been shared with us. 

1.  Implementation of Phase II of Integrated Care/Care Coordination.   This is nursing home services beyond the first 90 days, sec. 1915 waiver services for personal attendants, nursing and homemaker services.   Savings are estimated to be $1.7 million net.
2. Dual Eligible Double Capitation Demonstration.  This is a capitated managed care program for Medicare/Medicaid eligible individuals.   Savings estimated at $5.1 million net.
3. Eliminate Nursing Home Bed holds for adults age 21 and over in long-term care, including SLFs.
4.  Adjust rates for power wheelchairs at actual purchase price rather than current practice of Medicare rate minus 6%.  Savings:  $0.9 million net.
5. Require prior approval for wheelchair repairs.  Savings:  $0.4 million.
6.Eliminate the Illinois Cares Rx program:  $72 million.
7. Eliminate General Assistance Medical:  $16 million.
8.  Lower eligibility limit for Family Care Adult Caretaker to 133% of poverty.  $22.9 million.
9. Limit coverage for adult eyeglasses to one pair every 2 years.  $0.3 million.
10. Eliminate new Dental grants for 2013:  $1.0 million
11. Eliminate adult OT services:  $0.3 million.
12. Eliminate adult PT services:  $1.2 million.
13. Eliminate adult podiatric coverage:  $2.9 million.
14.  Eliminate adult speech, hearing and language therapy:  $0.2 million.
15. Eliminate adult dental:  $25 million.
16. Eliminate durable medical equipment/services:  $75 million
17.  Increase cost sharing for medically fragile/technology dependent kids:  $5.1 million. 

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