The Governor’s budget offers many opportunities. One of the guiding principal of the budget was
to improved disabilities and behavioral health programs to provide more quality care and achieve
long term savings.

There is a $1.00 per hour increase for Direct Support Professionals effective January, 2015.
Details about the specifics are not known at this time. Implementation of the Ligas Consent Decree
and rebalancing will continue so people will continue to move of the PUNS Waiting List and people
will continue to transition out of institutions target at 100 individuals. 500 new Ligas Class members
will move off the waiting list. 90 CILA transitions for DCFS wards. New Employment First Initiative at
$2 million. Dual Diagnosis Unit (40 staff) at $1.7 million. And increase in staffing for the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Here is the budget detail on DHS:

Other Budget points

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 509,000 new individuals by 2017. 100% federally
funded for first three years.

Continue to pay down bills the target is within 30 days

New Birth to Five Initiative; $100 million new this year ($1.5 billion over 5 years) investments in
prenatal care, early childhood education and supporting parents.

The Secretary’s PowerPoint should be up on the Dept. of Human Services website:

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