This year the National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals or NAQ  21st  Annual Conference of QDDPs held August 9th-12th is in Louisville, KY.

As an overview of NAQ, the National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals was formed in 1996 by Trinity Services staff as the result of a recognized need by QDDPs – Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals/QIDP Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (also known as Case Managers) to establish a strong resource for research, networking, and addressing issues that concern QDDPs today. Although there were a few states that had formed groups by and for QDDPs, the need to form an organization that would address the historical, conceptual, methodological and ethical issues confronting the QDDP today on a national level was evident. The National Conference of QDDPs provides a forum to share information pertinent to the diverse interests of QDDPs.

While considering theme options for our 2016 gathering, NAQ discussed the growing changes in policy that encourage individuals to have a greater voice in directing their lives. These policy shifts have caused more states to move toward providing services in the community rather than in programs confined to a building, and agencies are implementing new service models that better support person-centered planning. The challenge for all providers is clear. So, inspired by our host city, the home of the Louisville Slugger, this year’s theme is “Swing for the Fences: Hit Person-Directed Planning Out of the Park.” It guides us into a discussion of how we as providers can offer excellent services designed to secure personal outcomes for people with disabilities.


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