I am headed back to Chicago today to meet with advocates on rebalancing.

The Dept of Disability and Human Development just released Preliminary Results Evaluation
of the Jacksonville Closure.

As I had expected, the finding are very similar to other studies of institutional closures in Illinois
and other states. The most important being that “Initially, the majority of guardians (83%) were
very/somewhat dissatisfied with JDC’s closure; however, the majority (89.2%) reported being
somewhat/very satisfied with their ward’s current living situation.”

No one reported their relative was significantly worse off.

Key Insights from individuals who moved out of Jacksonville were interviewed and indicated:

  1. They felt sad when they heard JDC was closing but are very happy in their new homes;
  2. They have more freedom and are taking on new responsibilities such as budgeting,
    banking and laundry:
  3. They are making new friends;
  4. They are taking classes; and
  5. Some would like to explore new job opportunities.

Read: Preliminary Results JDC Evaluation

Everyone can live a full life in the community.

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