Wow what a day. meeting on rebalancing initiative, meeting with Acting Cornerstone Exec Ben Stortz in Joliet and presenting at UP for DownS tonight on How to Influence Meaningful Change in Hoffman Estates!

The Rebalancing Initiative is moving ahead at full speed. We have been getting weekly updates from the Governor’s team and they are putting together an impressive plan.
To assist in implementing this plan, Community Resource Associates (CRA) has been hired to consult with the state on the rebalancing. The list of national experts includes Derrick Dufresne, Michael Mayer, Nancy Weiss and former Arc US Exec Steven Eidelman. You can see their impressive qualifications in the letter of introduction which is a part of this email.
Today’s call was to bring us up to date on the rebalancing, including the good work of CRA.
Soon, providers and Individual Service Coordination Organizations will be contacted to discuss the important work of the initiative and your role in the rebalancing.
What you already know is that this rebalancing is going to be quite different from past state facility closures. It will be person-centered, including individual budgets which are based upon individual needs, so there will be a learning curve for all of us.
The following links will assist you to better understand the Rebalancing Initiative as a first step in a very dynamic process:

  1. Letter of Introduction of CRA
  2. CRA Illinois DHS Implementation Outline Key Features
  3. Five Star Quality Measures
  4. Person Centered Planning Approaches
  5. Principles and Values
  6. RFI and FRA Process
  7. SODC Resident’s Needs Evaluation Flow Chart

Let me know your thoughts. 

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