We just finished up another fantastic state convention but the work doesn’t stop. Today, I will
head to Chicago for meetings with Secretary Saddler, Deputy Governor Thomas, self-
advocates and family members to discuss Rebalancing and the future of services/supports for
individuals with disabilities.

Yesterday, we had a major presentation on Rebalancing, The Big Picture with Director’s Casey,
Romano and Ligas Court Monitor Records. Rebalancing is much more that just closing
antiquated state institutions, it also involves moving people off the PUNS Waiting List, moving
people out of ICFDD’s, flexible day services and employment.

There is a lot of expansion of community services and we wanted to share at the convention,
“The Big Picture.” Are you aware that because of Ligas, 3,000 individuals are in new services?
This is in addition to people moving out of state institutions and the closing of the Jacksonville
Developmental Center!

Some points of interest and it is clear the Court Monitor and Director Casey are going to be
pushing for this in the coming year:


  • Greater emphasis on Employment First
  • Development of more flexible day services/supports
  • Smaller and more community living options, the Court Monitor is concerned that the
    majority of class members are moving to CILA options with seven and eight individuals
  • You’re going to see much more emphasis on community living options of four
    individuals or less
  • Director Casey also indicated that he wanted to see more self-advocates and family
    members on local community boards of directors.

This was an exciting session and a fabulous convention! Thanks to all of you who attended!

Off to Chicago!

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