It is really hard to provide a comprehensive of disability bills this early in the legislative session but we wanted you to know about some of the bills we are tracking and our positions.This report is from Phil Milsk our Governmental Affairs Consultant. 


It’s really hard to provide a comprehensive list of bills this early in the session when everything is alive.  Here are some bills you can let people know about:

HB 5076(Gabel):   Amends the School Code Article concerning students with disabilities as follows:  (1) Replaces obsolete provisions regarding the timeline for initiating special education services with language that is compatible with federal and State regulations.  (2) Provides that when a parent files a State Complaint with the State Board of Education, the parent is must receive a copy of any written response and supporting documentation submitted by the school district. (3) Allows a parent to invoke the stay-put placement provisions of IDEA and the School Code by filing for Mediation (if the school district agrees to participate in mediation) or by filing a State Complaint.  Assigned to the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.  Arc supports.

HB 5575(Eddy): Amends the School Code to redefine the definition of “general education classroom” (now defined as a class in which no more than 30% of the students have IEPs, not counting IEPs that call for speech services only on a pull-out basis) to exclude from the 30% students with IEPs that do not require modifications of curriculum content. Assigned to the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.   Arc is discussing a possible amendment with committee staff.

HB 4716(Gabel):  This bill will be amended.  The language now in the bill, dealing with the transition from EI to Early Childhood services, will be  replaced with language that aligns our EI Act with new federal rules, and also changes the composition of the EI Interagency Coordinating Council.  Assigned to the House Appropriations-Human Services Committee.  Arc will probably support after reviewing amendment.

SB 2887(Steans): Provides that facilities coming under the ID/DD Community Services Act are not subject to the provisions of the Health Facilities Planning Act.  Assigned to Senate Human Services Committee.  Arc is reviewing.

HB 4589(Osmond):  Provides that Illinois shall not take steps to implement the Affordable Care Act until the US Supreme Court issues a decision concerning the constitutionality of the individual mandate provisions of the Act.   Arc opposes.

HB 4682(Golar):  Would place the administrative responsibilities for the Employment and Economic Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Task Force under the IL Department of Employment Security instead of under the Governor’s office.  (This change has already taken effect.)   House 2nd Reading.    Arc supports.

HB 4566(Brauer):  Provides that if a report of abuse or neglect of a child under 5 years of age is made to DCFS and there is credible evidence that the child has been abused or neglected, DCFS shall refer the child to an appropriate State or local agency for a developmental screening within 60 days of DCFS’ determination.  Assigned to the House Human Services Committee.  Arc is reviewing.

HB 5476(Osmond):  Would prohibit the Governor from establishing a health benefit exchange by Executive Order.  Assigned to the House State Government Operations Committee.  Arc opposes.

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