The Division of Developmental Disabilties sent this out at 6:00 p.m. last night. I’m sure this
will be part of the court proceedings this morning.

The question that comes to mind are the state’s resources this scarce or is the
administration pushing back on consent decrees?


Per our note yesterday, we wanted to let you know that we understand the Comptroller paid
approximately $5 million worth of the $120M in vouchers previously submitted by the
Department.  It anticipates paying approximately another $71M tonight.  There remains
about $47.6M in vouchers that have not yet been paid.  At this point, we cannot give you a
specific time frame of how long it will take to release all of these payments.  We understand
there are FY15 payments and other demands that the Comptroller must still prioritize before
addressing the remaining vouchers.

September CILA advances are being processed and some of them are included in the
above amounts.  The Department is processing the DDD community-based services billings
on a weekly basis as they are received, per normal procedures.

On August 20th, HFS (after DHS freed the funds) submitted $1,395,082.85 for residential
ICF/DD services and $499,171.03 for developmental training for residents of ICFs/DD.
These were vouchered out of FY15 funds that were de-obligated from other contracts.  The
Comptroller has these vouchers now.  Paperwork was completed today to release another
$2M.  Very soon, given the end of the lapse period, we will switch to using FY16 funds.

Reta Hoskin, Associate Director
Division of Developmental Disabilities, DHS

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