The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed SB 2455, Amendment 2 and SB 2404, Amendment 2, as its version of the state budget.We also have the Governor’s Proposed Budget and will soon have a House State Budget!

I would think the Governor and the Leaders will meet to discuss the differences, but the process is unknown at this time!

Here is a link to SB 2455. The Developmental Disabilities Section is on page 14, not a lot of detail:

Here is is the link to SB 2404 (543 pages). The Developmental Disabilities Section is on page 63. This budget includes operations so it is much larger than SB 2455: 
We know that this budget includes the closing of Jacksonville and Murray Developmental Centers. In addition there is another 4% cuts to state institutions budget, elimination of the bed hold for ICFDD’s, 4% cuts to various grant funded programs. As I talk to budget staff, they are saying it will be the decision of the Governor to determine the final appropriation levels for community services and the rebalancing.

We are still working on the details and waiting for the House budget.

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