The Arc of Illinois authors most of the disability legislation in Illinois. Progressive public policy has a dramatic impact upon the lives of infants, children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our ideas for new public policy mostly come from our members.

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I would invite you to recommend to our Public Policy Committee possible new legislation for our consideration. You can do so by sending me an email with your idea. It need not be a formal recommendation just your thoughts and why:

Some of our other past legislative initiatives include:

  1. Employment First
  2. Elimination of “MR” Word from Illinois Statues.
  3.  Prohibition of the Death Penalty for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.
  4. Cross-Disability Data-Base (PUNS Waiting List).
  5. Prohibition of Aversive Behavior Techniques in the Community.
  6. Age 22 Special Education.
  7. Special Education Transfer of Rights Age 18.
  8. Brittany’s Law!

Take a look at our 2016 Legislative Agenda.

Feel free to send your comments on our 2017 Legislative Agenda as well.

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