I started hearing yesterday that the Murray Parents Association, MPA, was going to
file an appeal to Judge Aspen’s ruling that the Governor has every right to close
the state institution in Centralia. The MPA lost the court case on all points.

Last night Equip for Equality confirmed the appeal and this did appear on the MPA
Facebook page yesterday,

“ Il-ADD, the MPA and all the individual plaintiffs in the federal case have filed an
Appeal from Judge Aspen’s denial of the Motion for Preliminary Injunction. The
Appeal will be to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

There will be more information to follow………this case is far from over!”

It will be interesting to see what is being appealed or is this just another effort to
buy more time?

I wished the Murray Parent Association had put as much energy into building
supports and services in the community for the residents at Murray. In the long
term that is the only viable alternative for individuals with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.

State institutions are a relic of the past.

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