The Senate Appropriations I & II held a joint hearing on the grant suspensions for a grueling
3 hours in the Capitol yesterday. Acting Secretary Bassi and Budget Director Nuding were
the brunt of the interrogations over those cuts and the need to make those cuts. Many
senators declared they thought there was a budget agreement that funded those grant
programs. They stated they never would have voted for the budget compromise if cuts were
to be made.

The Secretary and Budget Director were clear that we have to live within a balanced budget
and would not rule out the need for more cuts in this fiscal year. They also stated they did
not see the suspension being reinstated in the current fiscal year without additional revenue.

You have been doing a great job of talking to your legislators about the budget cuts. Those
actions need to continue. Your message:


Please contact your state legislators and Governor Rauner TODAY and let them know how
the slated $26 million in cuts to critical disability programs impact you.

Call or email your State Senator, State Representative and Governor Rauner and ask
them to:
•         Restore funding for disability programs
•         Walk in your shoes- explain what life will be like without these services

We need your help to restore this funding!


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