Wednesday I met with our Executive Forum to discuss housing options as the state continues to rebalance the disability system in Illinois. As you know because of rebalancing, many different housing options are being encouraged and the separation of day services from housing is a major shift in public policy.
We invited Lore Baker, Executive Director of the Supportive Housing Providers Association ( and Tara Peele, Director of Home First Illinois a part of the Illinois Facility Fund ( to share their good work on housing options. Both of these organizations are working with non-profits to rebalance the disability system with new initiatives and advocacy for housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities and wrap around support services.
I also shared information with the Executive Forum about supported living in Wisconsin and other states because increasingly, these models are being developed for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities as an option to institutions.
Lore and Tara did an excellent job and there was great discussion. I am providing links to their presentations and handouts from the meeting.
Materials from today meeting on Supportive Housing and Rebalancing in Illinois:

We also had a good discussion about the emerging three tiered disability system in Illinois:

  1. Individuals in the rebalancing initiative who will experience new person-centered services.
  2. Current individuals in traditional day and residential services.
  3. Individuals on the waiting list.

Congratulations to Deb Sheppard who was elected President of the Executive Forum; Kyle Rick, Vice President and Jeff Dean, Secretary.

Here is Dan presenting at our recent Leadership Conference.

Bob Okazaki, thanked Dan Strick for his two years of service as President. Well done Dan! 

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