Hello, my name is Brian Heyburn, and I am a Master’s student in Disability and Human Development
at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am currently working on my thesis project, which is focusing
on the masculinity and identity development of men ages 25-45 with early onset physical disabilities,
meaning disabilities that they were either born with or acquired before their primary identity
development years (adolescence). In order to get a better understanding of this subject, I am asking
men who fit this description to fill out a survey based on their experiences. All responses will be
completely anonymous, unless you make your identity known in your response. I will have no way of determining a person’s identity through the submission of their responses. Therefore, any
information that is published will not be identifiable with a particular person. There are, however,
several benefits to responding, including the opportunity to share your experiences as a man with a
physical disability as well as the opportunity to contribute to a larger body of knowledge that may
help break down the oppression that men and all people with disabilities face. The survey can be
found by clicking on the following link:


Participation in this research is voluntary and you may refuse to participate or stop at any time.

The principal investigator, Brian Heyburn is available to answer any questions that you may have
at bheybu2@uic.edu or 502-609-2742.

The University of Illinois at Chicago Office for the Protection of Research Subjects is available if you
have any questions about your rights as a subject of research. The UIC OPRS can be contacted at 312.996.1711.

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