An Important Update – Aetna Better Health Termination with University of Illinois at
Chicago – Integrated Care Program!Aetna Better Health’s termination with the University of Illinois at Chicago is effective
November 1, 2015.  As an Integrated Care Program participant, unless you have worked
with Aetna to continue receiving services at the University of Illinois at Chicago, on or
after this date you will no longer be able to receive services at the University of Illinois at
Chicago.  This applies to both primary care doctors and specialists!

Information you need to consider for your healthcare needs:
First, you must work with your care manager at Aetna to locate new specialists
and primary care providers who will not be located at the University of Illinois at
Chicago, but are participating in the Aetna network
.  Continuity of care is critical and
Aetna is committed to working with you.

This is the process to contact your Aetna care manager:
Call Aetna at 1-866-212-2851 and ask to speak to your care manager. If you don’t know
who your care manager is, a representative will assist you. Before calling Aetna, you may
want to have your Aetna Member ID card available.  The care manager will help you
locate a new Primary Care Provider and specialist and connect with them. Please
reiterate to the care manager the time frame that you are working with for current
healthcare services and on-going appointments.

You will have an opportunity to switch plans during your open enrollment period.  Illinois’
Client Enrollment Broker will not be able to assist you in switching plans prior to your
open enrollment period.  You will receive notice from Illinois Client Enrollment Services
when it is your open enrollment period.    If you would like to switch to one of the health
plans that University of Illinois at Chicago participates with, you may do so at your open
enrollment period.

More Information about the Integrated Care Program
In the Integrated Care Program (ICP), the University of Illinois at Chicago, will continue
to participate in the following health plans:

  • Blue Cross Community ICP
  • Meridian Health Plan
  • Community Care Alliance of Illinois, also known as CCAI*
  • County Care*
  • HealthSpring (Transplant and related services only)

*Please note: For CCAI and County Care, primary care is limited to Mile Square Health
Centers. The Department of Psychiatry does not participate in CCAI or County Care.

If you need more information about the health plans that the University of Illinois at
Chicago participates as a provider with for any Medicaid Program, you can contact the
University of Illinois at Chicago member services.

The Integrated Care Program is a program for seniors and persons with disabilities who
are enrolled in Medicaid but not enrolled in Medicare. This program promotes your
health and wellness. Under the program you must pick a health plan and a doctor or
clinic as a Primary Care Provider (called PCP) for your medical home in the mandatory
managed care regions of the state.  These regions include Greater Chicago, Central
Illinois, the Quad Cities, Rockford Region and Metro East.

With the Integrated Care Program, a team of providers and case managers will work
with you, to help you reach the health goals that are important to you.

Please feel free to contact or at 708-331-7370 if you have any
questions regarding this update.

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
20901 S. LaGrange Rd. Suite 209
Frankfort, IL 60423
815-464-1832 (OFFICE)
815-464-1832 (CELL)