Wow, President Donald Trump!

Certainly things will change with Republicans now controlling the Presidency and both Houses of the Congress. Our advocacy in Washington D.C. is more critical than ever. The next 100 days will tell us a lot about the Trump Administration. Who is appointed into key positions like the Health & Human Services, Dept. of Labor, Social Security and Education will speak volumes about the future direction of Medicaid, Medicare, Special Education and health care. One thing we all know, inclusion works. Community living is not only the right thing to do but economically sound. We also know that Employment First is a path that resonates well with Republicans. All is not lost. A new President has been elected. The changing of the guard is about to take place. We need a President for all of the people including people with disabilities.

In Illinois the Speaker has lost four seats in the House and the Super Majority to Governor Rauner. The Governor’s strategy looks to be his strategy into the 2018 elections. I expect more stopgap budgets and a lot of fireworks here in Illinois for the next two years.

Today, we meet with Secretary Dimas. I have asked him to make a few comments on the elections. I will share those comments and his response to the questions you have sent me to ask of him.

December 7th, I have set up a webinar with our National Office and our Governmental Affairs Consultant to discuss the implications of the 2016 elections.

We have much work to do in Washington D.C. and Springfield. Our advocacy for community living and employment will continue because everyone can live a full life in the community.
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