Please consider a donation to The Arc’s Annual Holiday Appeal. You know it is not often I ask you to contribute towards our good work but we need your donations this year. Next year we will see many challenges to support the redesign of the Illinois disability system and your contribution will support our advocacy. You can also contribute to The Arc by going to this link on-line, you for your consideration and Happy Holidays!


Through our many programs, The Arc of Illinois helps families every day. One of our Team   Members helped a family that had been denied services for their child and didn’t know what to do. They encouraged them to appeal, worked with the family providing tips on advocacy, information about their legislator and education about their options. Not only did the family win their appeal but they received a letter notifying them that their loved one had been selected for services. This family went from being denied services to having the opportunity to choose the service they desired. Recently, The Arc of Illinois received a thank you letter from a Mom that explained how “Awesome” it was as a parent of a child born premature, now chronically ill and has Autism, to see Dr. Temple Grandin at The Arc of Illinois Living With Autism Conference. That conference made her realize she must never quit pushing her daughter, never quit expecting to find someone that may give her a chance and never quit fighting for her daughter to have a chance of a real respected life, just as everyone else.
This is what The Arc of Illinois fights for everyday! We believe that children and adults can have an opportunity for a quality life in the community and have choices about their life. The Arc of  Illinois is listening to what individuals and families need and is advocating for the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are here to help you win that fight for your loved one!  This is only possible as a result of your support.
Your tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100 or more will help us continue to help you and will have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please consider The Arc of Illinois in your giving this year.
Best Wishes for this Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
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