I am extremely pleased to share with you that The Arc has been selected for a State Award for the Special Project – Family Advocate Program through the Division of Developmental Disabilities!

Special thanks for Shirley Perez, Director of The Arc’s Ligas Family Advocate Program, her staff and the entire Arc Team. Well done!

Deliverables of the award include:

  • Develop training for statewide Independent Service Coordination Agency (ISC) by Program staff, the Ligas Court Monitor, and DDD/DHS Director/Administrative Staff. Design and conduct a survey using the Likert scale to assess the level of learning attained. Prepare a report on the outcome of training.
  • Conduct trainings to introduce the Family Advocates Program which will be held in areas accessible to all ISC’s statewide. These trainings will be presented jointly by DDD/DHS Director/Administrative Staff, the Ligas Court Monitor, and Project Staff with the purpose of introducing and explaining the project to statewide ISC agencies. The Provider will attach a copy of the schedule of trainings held, and will conduct a survey to assess knowledge attained after the completion of the training. The Provider will report on the findings.
  • Prepare letters of introduction to Ligas class members who have been selected from PUNS, and contact has been made directly via phone, e-mail, training or meeting participation with approximately 500 individuals and report on the findings.
  • Develop and maintain Facebook page for the posting of new information for Ligas class members.


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