The state budget that was introduced Monday is something we can live with and certainly
better than the Governor’s Proposed Budget last February. What’s missing is $3 billion in
new revenue to fund this budget!

House Speaker Madigan acknowledged yesterday that the Legislative Leaders and the
Governor need to work together to fill this budget gap with new revenue. The Governor
claims this is a broken budget and he will not talk about new revenue unless his reforms
are enacted.

I expect the House and the Senate to pass this new proposed budget in the next day or
two and send it on to the Governor.

This sets the stage for a major conflict between the Governor, the Speaker and President

My guess is that the Governor will veto the entire new budget and set the stage for a long,
hot summer.

Budget Highlights:

  • No cuts to community services
  • Long term care increased for community expansion
  • Major cut of $29 million for state institutions
  • Transition Line to Move Residents Out of Institutions at $19 million
  • Ligas Compliance
  • Community grants for respite care, epilepsy, dental, The Autism Program, Illinois
    Life Span, Best Buddies and other grants are restored.
  • Early Intervention cuts restored
  • Pace Paratransit cuts restored

That’s it for now. If anyone has a spare $3 billion let me know.

Back to the Capitol

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