Two big take aways from Governor Rauner’s State of the State Address yesterday and they are big!



The Governor talked about investing in community and the creation of a Cabinet on Children.

From the Governor’s comments:

  1. “Our transformation puts a strong new focus on prevention and public health; pays for value and outcomes rather than volume and services; makes evidence-based and data driven decisions; and moves individuals from institutions to community care, to keep them more closely connected with their families and communities.”
  2. “Create a Cabinet on Children and Youth so we can better align our health and human services with our cradle to career education initiatives, in order to provide higher quality, fully integrated services for our young people.”

The movement to close antiquated state institutions will continue as a priority within the Rauner Administration. The Arc will strongly support this policy and advocate that those resources be invested in community services and supports including increased wages for Direct Care Professionals.

The creation of the Cabinet on Children and Youth will also have a focus on children and youth with disabilities. Director Romano has been appointed to this Cabinet.

The Arc looks forward to working with Governor Rauner on moving away from costly state institutions and including children and youth with disabilities in all aspects of health and human services because everyone can live a full life in the community.

View the State of the State here.

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