Arc Comments on Governor’s Proposed Budget
The Arc supports the Governor’s proposed budget. It also supports the Governor’s call to
maintain the current income tax levels or new revenue to that amount. You know that we
have been concerned about the need for new revenue for disability supports/services. We
cannot sustain further cuts to the human services safety network. The cuts could range
anywhere to 20%, 25% or more and would be devastating for human services to say the

No doubt about it, the Governor made a gutsy call on the continuation of the income tax
increase in an election year.

We must remember this is not the final budget. Now the House and Senate get
their chance to modify this proposal. I recommend you let your legislators know
that you support the Governor’s Proposed State Budget and his call for the
income tax increase. We must tell legislators what this budget does for people
with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

One of the guiding principles of the budget was to improve disabilities and behavioral
health programs to provide more quality care and achieve long term savings.

The budget offers many opportunities including:

  • A $1.00 per hour increase for Direct Support Professionals effective January, 2015
    – $30 million. Details about the specifics are not known at this time.
  • Closing the Murray Developmental Center
  • Implementation of the Ligas Consent Decree and Rebalancing will continue, so people
    will continue to move off the PUNS Waiting List.
  • People will continue to transition out of state institutions. There will be opportunities
    for at least 100 individuals.
  • 500 new Ligas Class members will move off the waiting list and the New Balancing
    Incentive Program. In addition, people living in ICFDD’s will be given the choice of
    moving to smaller community living options, $6.6 million. They estimate about 200
    individuals in ICFDD’s moving to community.
  • A New Employment First Initiative at $2 million. This new initiative, among other things,
    will include a request for proposal to move 200 individuals currently in adult waiver
    into supported or competitive employment.
  • 24 Hour Stabilization Services (BIP Program Initiative), $3.4 million. Four new homes
    will be developed for temporary short-term relief. These will be four person residences
    with two developed upstate and two downstate. It is anticipated that highly qualified
    teams will staff these stabilization services.
  • Services and Supports Teams will be expanded by $2 million to assist more people in
    the community who need additional behaviorial supports. The administration wants to
    be more proactive with individuals in the community with this expansion.

Other Budget points:

  • 90 CILA transitions for DCFS wards
  • Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 509,000 new individuals by 2017. 100%
    federally funded for first three years.
  • Continue to pay down bills. The target is within 30 days
  • New Birth to Five Initiative; $100 million new this year ($1.5 billion over 5 years)
    investments in prenatal care, early childhood education and supporting parents.

The Secretary’s PowerPoint on the Dept. of Human Services. 

Here is the budget detail on Developmental Disabilities.

Here is the budget detail on DHS.

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