I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous presentations at The Arc of
Illinois Annual Convention. These presentations are also on The Arc’s Website.

“Rebalancing The Big Picture: A Real Turning Point for Illinois.” There is so
much happening within the Illinois Disability System, we wanted a “big picture”
presentation bringing all of the important projects together under a single
presentation. We were extremely pleased to have as presenters for this session:
Director’s Casey & Romano and Ligas Court Monitor Tony Records.  Director
Romano focused on “Creating Opportunities from Challenges.” Ligas Court
Monitor Tony Records focused upon “Rebalancing: The Ligas Experience.”


Ligas Court Monitor Tony Records

Related to “Rebalancing” is “The Ligas Family Advocate Program.” Shirley
Perez, Executive Director of the Family Support Network focused upon a
new program for The Arc where Family Advocates assist Ligas Class
Members with creative ways to use their Ligas funding.


Ligas Family Advocates
Kimberly Evans, Missy Kichline, Toni Howard & Cynthia Justice

Much has been said about the Affordable Care Act but it is finally being
implemented and the ACA is extremely important to infants, children and
adults with disabilities. Stephanie Altman, J.D. at the Sargent Shriver
National Center on Poverty Law presented “The Implementation of the
Affordable Care Act in Illinois.”

Stephanie Altman, J.D.

We believe that siblings need to be recognized as an important part of
the advocacy of The Arc. They are our future and we have tremendous
leadership in SIBS here in Illinois. Caroline McGraw shared with us her
experiences as a sib in:“Digging Fro Treasure in People – Without
Getting Buried Alive.”

Caroline McGraw

Another important business matter to the Annual Convention is our Annual
Meeting of the Board of Directors. Tony’s year in review is always a part of
that meeting. Executive Director’s Report Arc Annual Meeting.




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