I am anxious about tomorrow’s budget address! The state budget news gets worse from day to day. Maybe we will see more state institutions closing so we can move people to the community and grow community resources. You can catch the Governor’s Budget Address which will be live streamed from the General Assembly’s website: http://www.ilga.gov/house/audvid.asp Your local National Public Radio usually covers the address as well.
*Also tomorrow in the Senate Executive Committee, Senate Bill 1550, The Arc’s Independent Living Legislation is being head at 2:00 in the Capitol. Arc Board member Sue Brown will be testifying behalf of the bill as the parent of a daughter in special education regarding independent living and having great expectations of our children. Thank you Sue! You can ask your Senator to become a Co-Sponsor of SB 1550. Here is a Fact Sheet on SB 1550 for your use.
*You might want to attend the 7th Annual Illinois Family Leaders Collaboration on March 9th in Peoria. A great roundup of speakers featuring Mary Meduna, “If  We’re All in This Together, Why Do I Feel So All Alone”?
*Going Home Rally in the Capitol which The Arc is a member of this coalition and we encourage you to be there on April 10thFor more information, please contact Krescene Beck, Project Director of The Alliance, at 618.806.9431 or krescenebeck@gmail.com

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